Remy Branch doesn't Hesitate to Take Initiative in her New Role.

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for January, Remy Branch!

It is a new year and time to celebrate our first  Golden Hard Hat winner for 2019, Remy Branch, Office Manager. Here is some recent feedback that exemplifies Remy’s achievement: When hired, Remy took on her current role and didn’t hesitate to take on responsibilities beyond her role that filled interim gaps in other departments.  Working closely with Sales and Accounting, she took on a sizeable project to improve the 2017 and 2018 Rebate Program which opened doors for new opportunity and improved processes. Remy is always assisting employees with a great attitude and friendly smile.  The Culture Committee has benefitted from her volunteerism and assistance with office projects and events.  The Management team has Remy to thank for her hard work on the Data Security and Effective Communication Testing. Through her hard work and support of office operations, she has made our headquarters a more functional and inviting place to work.

 Thank you, Remy and congratulations!

Casey Boyd isn't Afraid to get His Hands Dirty and Do What it Takes to Get the Job Done.

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for November, Casey Boyd!

The Macon Plant’s winner of the Golden Hat award is Casey Boyd.  Casey is responsible for maintaining and repairing all of our fork lifts while at the same time assisting the maintenance team as requested.  Casey also helps on regular basis with any special cleaning activities.  Casey’s willingness to take initiative and do whatever it takes to get the job done makes him a perfect candidate for the Macon's Golden Hat award.

 Thank you, Casey and congratulations!

Hayley Bernard Takes the Initiative to Enhance Logistics at Nichiha

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for October, Hayley Bernard!

Our most recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Hayley Bernard, Warehouse Associate, is a member of the Logistics department based in Macon. David Girard, her manager, describes Hayley’s overachievement like this: “She is the residential shipment scheduler and she purchases Tamlyn for the company.  Over the last few months, credit concerns and stock availability have made her scheduling job very dynamic, sometimes scheduling trucks to pick up the same day as the orders are released, changing carriers on short notice, and closely monitoring order status, regularly working with production and accounting teams to ship as soon as possible.  She also works with carriers to ensure that we are using the best option to deliver our product, which is more art than science,  taking prices, truck availability, and carrier performance into consideration.  If not for her efforts, our shipping performance would not be as strong as our results show.”

Thank you Hayley and congratulations!

Leo Hanfield Leads the Way with Hard Work and a Positive Attitude in Macon

Congratulations to the first Macon Golden Hard Hat winner, Leo Hanfield,  Mechanical Operations Specialist. Leo was nominated for his excellence in going above and beyond the call of duty.  Leo continues to set a positive example for others to follow, taking initiative during down time to do whatever needs to be done to get back up and running and always exemplifying a positive attitude! Congratulations Leo and thanks for your contribution to Nichiha!

Amy Dinsmore Goes the Extra Mile to Give Our Installation Guides a Facelift!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Amy Dinsmore, Senior Graphic Designer. Amy continuously takes initiative and is driven by turning out high quality work.  A recent example is when she partnered with the technical team on the revised installation guides—she saw an opportunity to make things better and she willingly went the extra mile.  She eagerly goes beyond what is asked of her and steps up to do what’s needed—consistently!  Amy’s work ethic and commitment to quality work shines brightly.