Careers are Made at Nichiha


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Career in the Making

What We Believe

How We Do It

Create Opportunity

Our company is built on a foundation of ideas – which means anything is possible. All it takes is the drive, the skills and the grit to make things happen, and you can have a major impact. We make it a point to create opportunities and promote from within.

Be Proud

We get that it’s important to be proud of what you do and where you do it – and we’re dedicated to creating that for you. Walking through these doors means you can expect to grow, develop and achieve. And since we’re a global company, you’ll open up a world of opportunity to learn from and work closely with other cultures.

Achieve Greatness

It’s pretty clear by now that we have a lot of goals. Our premium products are well on their way to becoming a household name. Our customers are gaining more support every step of the way. And our team members continue to raise the bar for ingenuity through passion and initiative. It all leads to building a lasting future – and we hope you join us on our journey.

Come Together

We have a manufacturing plant in Macon, a corporate office in Johns Creek and a team out in the field. That’s why staying connected and united is always top of mind. Because even though we don’t all work under one roof, we certainly share one goal.



Rolling up sleeves and working non-stop in our state-of-the-art plants to create the premium products we’re known for.


Partnering with customers and developing one-on-one relationships to connect our products to the right projects.

Support Professionals

Backing every corner of our business, ensuring each team member has what they need to innovate and excel.


Keeping Nichiha at the forefront of the market, while maintaining a streamline business and manufacturing process.