Hayley Bernard Takes the Initiative to Enhance Logistics at Nichiha

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for October, Hayley Bernard!

Our most recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Hayley Bernard, Warehouse Associate, is a member of the Logistics department based in Macon. David Girard, her manager, describes Hayley’s overachievement like this: “She is the residential shipment scheduler and she purchases Tamlyn for the company.  Over the last few months, credit concerns and stock availability have made her scheduling job very dynamic, sometimes scheduling trucks to pick up the same day as the orders are released, changing carriers on short notice, and closely monitoring order status, regularly working with production and accounting teams to ship as soon as possible.  She also works with carriers to ensure that we are using the best option to deliver our product, which is more art than science,  taking prices, truck availability, and carrier performance into consideration.  If not for her efforts, our shipping performance would not be as strong as our results show.”

Thank you Hayley and congratulations!

Gabriel Acevedo Builds a Lasting Future by Connecting with Co-workers and Customers.

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for September, Gabriel Acevedo!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our most recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Gabriel Acevedo, Architectural/Structural Analyst. Here is some recent feedback that exemplifies Gabriel’s achievement. “He has been really helpful in teaching me and the rest of inside sales technical aspects as well as jumping in to assist whenever it is needed. For example, we had a lead come through the marketing email that no one had reached out to in regards to some installation questions and Gabriel stepped in and assisted him with everything he needed; he called the gentlemen several times and sent him a follow up email. He also is really great about building relationships with other coworkers outside his department, which I think is a crucial aspect of the Hard Hat winner.”

 Thank you Gabriel and congratulations!

Robin Always puts Elevating Customers First

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for August, Robin Cordes!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our most recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Robin Cordes, Customer Service Representative. Robin is a dedicated and hardworking employee who values accuracy and customer service. She always puts customers first and goes the extra mile to make sure that every customer is taken care of and feels appreciated. We are glad Robin is part of the Nichiha team!




How Jay Scardina Makes Nichiha Customers his Top Priority

Congratulations to the FIRST Winner of the Gold Hard Hat!

We would like to announce the inaugural winner of the Golden Hard Hat AwardJay Scardina, Customer Service Supervisor, for Elevating Customers. Jay has been intimately involved in the transition of Illumination from PPG to Natoco.  This includes daily communication with the paint line to help prioritize the resampling process and new orders to ensure promise dates to our customers were maintained. Recently, when a customer experienced a delay in receiving their product with one of our new colors, Jay took ownership of this challenging situation. Jay was in constant communication with the customer to resolve the issue. This enabled us to retain the customer and provide a great customer experience in spite of the product delay. He made sure that satisfying the customer was the top priority. Thank you Jay and congratulations!