Nichiha at a Glance




Commercial Buildings Constructed in 2017


Houses Constructed in 2017

Who We Are

We take pride in creating the best and most reliable products. With a focus on fiber cement siding for commercial and residential buildings, our precision and quality is unlike any other in the industry. It’s what makes us stand out in the crowd. In fact, you’ve probably seen our work in action. We help build top brands like:

AMLI Residential
Chafin Communities
CVS Pharmacy
Hilton Hotels & Resorts®
Rooms To Go
Whole Foods Market

Build Better Together

Our Guiding Principles

After we set our goals, it was time to figure out how we’d reach them. It all started with a little self-reflection. We took note of the things we were doing well – and also the things we’d like to do better. We put the two together and haven’t looked back.

We embody these concepts through and through. And we expect everyone who works with us to do the same. After all, success is a journey – and we want to be proud of how we get there.

Our Purpose