Employee Spotlight: Aimee Carter

Role: Senior Accounting Coordinator

Hometown: Southern California, USA

“My husband and I go to car-shows in Atlanta and Orlando
throughout the year for people passionate about Imported modified cars. He was
thrilled when I was offered a job at a Japanese company!”

Well into her eighth year working in the Nichiha Accounting
department, Aimee Carter is absolutely comfortable with the challenges of
manufacturing accounting and at home in the vibrant downtown culture of Macon,

Aimee came to Nichiha in 2011 after moving to Macon with her
husband, Andy. He works at Mercer University. They relocated to Macon after
graduating from the University of West Georgia. Aimee’s move to Macon wasn’t
her first big move.

In 2005, Aimee’s family moved to Georgia from Southern California.
It was her junior year of high school. She adjusted to the culture shock by
focusing on her passion for golf. She played all the way through college. After
graduation, Aimee transferred her athletic focus to weight lifting. Fitness
remains an important part of Aimee’s life - most days, you can find her at the
gym doing heavy lifting and high interval trainings.

Aimee and Andy moved into their home in 2010. Their house is built
to reflect the historic Macon homes from the 1930s. They are part of the
homeowners working to build up the downtown Macon community.

“We love Macon. We live in a house with the Historic Macon
Foundation. Our house helped enforce the vitalization project in our Downtown
area. We are proud to be a part of it.”

The dedication to progress that helped Aimee succeed as she’s
moved across the country, persevered in athletics and contributed to the
historic fiber of Macon have led her to positively impact her team at Nichiha.
She has developed a successful career at Nichiha by honing her skills in cost
accounting and manufacturing.

“I love the challenges Nichiha has provided me in manufacturing
accounting. I feel like if I keep pushing myself, I will fall more in love with
my work. The challenge is addicting and makes me want to continue to grow
especially with the new plant coming.”

Aimee continues to grow even more by pursuing an MBA at Mercer, to
then later transform into her CMA, Certified Managerial Accounting. She
recognized that Nichiha would benefit from her working to expand her expertise
in cost accounting. She’s committed to moving up in the company and supporting
others in their path as well. Aimee appreciates the uniqueness of the Nichiha
culture and enjoys working to create value for the company and her colleagues.