Robin Always puts Elevating Customers First

Congratulations to the Golden Hard Hat Winner for August, Robin Cordes!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our most recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Robin Cordes, Customer Service Representative. Robin is a dedicated and hardworking employee who values accuracy and customer service. She always puts customers first and goes the extra mile to make sure that every customer is taken care of and feels appreciated. We are glad Robin is part of the Nichiha team!




Francesca Takes the Initiative to Make Nichiha a Great Place to Work!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Francesca Comeaux, Junior Project Manager.

Francesca is actively involved in the ERP project, a large-scale implementation for Nichiha USA. She is confidently operating out of her comfort zone running point on many ERP project deliverables. Francesca is integral in her new role but still willing to help out with former duties including inventory and scanning projects.

She is also making the workplace a more enjoyable place through her work on the Culture Committee. Francesca is defined by her ability to gain buy in, strong follow through, and incredible willingness to take on responsibility.

In summary, she is helping in many ways across departments, roles, and projects. We are fortunate to have her here at Nichiha!