Leo Hanfield Leads the Way with Hard Work and a Positive Attitude in Macon

Congratulations to the first Macon Golden Hard Hat winner, Leo Hanfield,  Mechanical Operations Specialist. Leo was nominated for his excellence in going above and beyond the call of duty.  Leo continues to set a positive example for others to follow, taking initiative during down time to do whatever needs to be done to get back up and running and always exemplifying a positive attitude! Congratulations Leo and thanks for your contribution to Nichiha!

Amy Dinsmore Goes the Extra Mile to Give Our Installation Guides a Facelift!

Thank you all for helping us to celebrate and recognize our recent Golden Hard Hat winner, Amy Dinsmore, Senior Graphic Designer. Amy continuously takes initiative and is driven by turning out high quality work.  A recent example is when she partnered with the technical team on the revised installation guides—she saw an opportunity to make things better and she willingly went the extra mile.  She eagerly goes beyond what is asked of her and steps up to do what’s needed—consistently!  Amy’s work ethic and commitment to quality work shines brightly.

How Jay Scardina Makes Nichiha Customers his Top Priority

Congratulations to the FIRST Winner of the Gold Hard Hat!

We would like to announce the inaugural winner of the Golden Hard Hat AwardJay Scardina, Customer Service Supervisor, for Elevating Customers. Jay has been intimately involved in the transition of Illumination from PPG to Natoco.  This includes daily communication with the paint line to help prioritize the resampling process and new orders to ensure promise dates to our customers were maintained. Recently, when a customer experienced a delay in receiving their product with one of our new colors, Jay took ownership of this challenging situation. Jay was in constant communication with the customer to resolve the issue. This enabled us to retain the customer and provide a great customer experience in spite of the product delay. He made sure that satisfying the customer was the top priority. Thank you Jay and congratulations!

Spreading Employee Recognition with Gold Hard Hats

Employee recognition is really important to Nichiha culture.  We are always looking for new ways to say "thank you" to our employees to make sure they know how much we appreciate their hard work.  At the beginning of 2018, we started brainstorming on how we could expand employee recognition and make it more frequent.  We typically have annual awards dinners to recognize top performers, but we wanted to go beyond monetary performance, and recognize those who live the Nichiha Guiding Principles day to day.  So in April of 2018, we announced the winner of the first Gold Hard Hat Award in Johns Creek.  The Gold Hard Hat award is a monthly award to someone that exemplifies one of the Guiding Principles:

  • Taking Initiative
  • Elevating Customers
  • Delivering Precision
  • Embracing Perspectives
  • Valuing Camaraderie

The selection process for the Gold Hard Hat allows the current recipient and managers to nominate employees, and then leadership reviews the submissions to vote on a winner.  The winner receives the Gold Hard Hat for the month, along with some fun perks such as lunch with a leader, recognition on the company career site and unlimited bragging rights.